CSS TEXAS (1865)

Built: Richmond, Virginia

Commissioned: Never Commissioned

Service: Intended for the James River Squadron

Home Port: Richmond, Virginia

Dimensions: 217' Length, 38.5' Beam, 13.5' Draft

Armor: Unknown

Armament: Unknown; designed to carry at least six cannon.

Engines: Twin Screw

Speed: Unknown

Crew: Unknown

Fate: Incomplete at the fall of Richmond, taken up by the US Navy and surveyed, but saw no service. She was later sold for scrap, 1867.


Often described as the "sister ship" of CSS Columbia, Texas was a large, late war casemate ironclad which, if completed, would have been the most powerful ironclad to be built in Virginia since CSS Virginia herself. She was designed to spearhead efforts to drive Union forces from the James, and to ultimately provide security for Richmond, but was still fitting out, and hence incomplete, when the city of Richmond fell in April, 1865. There is some indication that orders were given to burn her, but in any case, these were never carried out.

Upon the arrival of Union forces, Texas was found still moored in her specially designed berth, mostly complete, but lacking armament, provisions, and a crew. She was immediately taken up by the US Navy and transferred to Norfolk, where she was extensively surveyed. She never entered serice with the USN and was sold for scrap in 1867.