The following is a growing listing of all known warships to have served the Union during the American Civil War of 1861-1865. In order to simplify matters, ships placed under the command of the United States Navy and the United States Army, as well as warships controlled by other branches of the military and government, are listed here for convenience sake.

Because the Union navy was much larger by the end of the war than its Confederate counterpart, this listing is very much a work in progress, and it has been necessary to classify some ships under their class headings rather than creating individual listings for each and every vessel; the intention, however, is to add specific pages for notable warships when time and research permit!

Coastal and Ocean Going IroncladsEdit

Canonicus class Monitors

Casco class Monitors

Kalamazoo class Monitors

Passaic class Monitors

USS Dictator

USS Galena

USS Monitor

USS New Ironsides

USS Onondaga

USS Puritan

USS Roanoke (as Monitor)

USS Tunxis

Riverine WarshipsEdit

The Ellet Rams

USS Benton

USS Blackhawk

USS Carandolet

USS Chillicothe

USS Cincinnati

USS Cairo

USS Essex

USS Indianola

USS Lexington

USS Mound City

USS Neosho

USS Osage

USS Ozark

USS Paul Jones

USS Tyler

Other WarshipsEdit

Unadilla class "90 Day Gunboats"

USS Fuschia

USS Hartford

USS Housatonic

USS Roanoke (as Frigate)

Experimental WarshipsEdit

USS Alligator

USS Keokuk

USS Spuyten Duyvil