Notable Large-Scale Naval Engagements of the American Civil War, 1861-1865Edit

1861 -

Pope's Run (October 12th,1861)

1862 -

Hampton Roads (March 8-9th, 1862)

Island No. 10 (March 16-April 7th, 1862)

Forts Jackson and St. Philip (April 24th, 1862)

Plum Point (May 10th, 1862)

Memphis (June 6th, 1862)

CSS Arkansas at Vicksburg (July 15-August 6th, 1862)

1863 -

Union Bombardment of Fort Sumter (April 7th, 1863)

1864 -

Red River Campaign (March 12-May 13th, 1864)

Battle of Mobile Bay (August 5th, 1864)

1865 -

Battle of Fort Fisher (December 23rd-February 22nd, 1865)

Battle of Trent's Reach (January 23rd-25th, 1865)

Battles of Spanish Fort and the Blakely River (April 11-May 10th, 1865)

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